About us


Mission Statement

Wes Point Urban Media is the latest avenue for those searching for the next breakthrough artist to maneuver through the jungle of creativity and find those who are already taking off at a grassroots level.  It is geared to be among the leading destinations for popular culture and entertainment, with a unique approach that is trend setting, influential, and innovative.

Wes Point highlights and markets the best and brightest among our creative community; individuals who presently are hidden within their dark fame.  Wes Point creates a stage for artists, models, fashion designers, and journalists to exhibit their creative talent.

How Can Wes Point Urban Media help me?

sergeBuild your network and your net worth with Wes Point Urban Media Management.  Wes Point provides services such as biographies, press releases, photography, music videos and portfolio distribution targeting an artists’ intended market.  If you are a musician requiring an excellent profile to obtain more engagements, a filmmaker that needs a press release to announce your latest endeavor, or a fashion designer that needs to make an impression with a dazzling portfolio, Wes Point can assist you to accomplish your goal.  Additionally, we serve as the bridge between our clients and our social media affiliates in order to increase the traffic that flows through their own social media channels.


Contact Us

Email:  wespointcasting@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WespointUrbanMedia

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/Wespointmedia

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/wespointurbanmedia


Publicity Services

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Wes Point Urban Media Management #2016
Our vision is clear! Win it all!
Ms Vicky Free and Wes Point had a sit down and talked about the future of us coming together. Nice! #wespointurbanmedia
Rapper MoreBetter on the move in New York City for his music video shoot "I Just Wanna Do It"