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Name: Antonio Davis
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY






everything-100 cold-as-ice ass-in-a-circle

more-i-just-want-to-do-it  morebetter-i-cant-even-lie

((((((((WWWarrrniinnngg WWWarrrniinnngg)))))))))

Listen up and listen clear. This is for all the DJ’s breaking new music around the globe. This is one of the newest, hardest, hottest singles coming out of New York City by up and coming artist, MoreBetter. His energy is crazy and it’s something you don’t want to miss. It’s contagious. Trust me, you want to hear this. His new hit single, “I CAN’T EVEN LIE”, is not to be messed with. It’s breaking down doors, taking over the clubs and radio air waves. I’m talking major. His unique flow and style brings this track to life. I’ve heard many tracks from him before and he’s coming to the game with a mean punch. From Hip Hop to Pop, he does it all and got it on lock.

Born on June 22, 1982 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, Antonio “MoreBetter” Davis was born with the odds against him. Only a few minutes after delivery, doctors stated that his heart stopped two times. That’s when the miracle happened…and God knew he was destined for greatness. Growing up in Langston Hughes projects with nothing but violence and crime surrounding him he strove to live his life on the straight and narrow.
He began rapping in 1999 with great inspiration from artists such as Slick Rick and Special Ed. MoreBetter used this as an outlet from his surroundings. In 2003, just a few days after his birthday, MoreBetter lost his father to Blood Cancer and heart problems at the early age of 44 in Long Island University Hospital. At that moment, he made it his life goal to make it big in the music industry. Just a mere year later in 2004, he was signed to Edosa Entertainment EEI and in 2010, Edosa Entertainment EEI/Universal Music Group. As of 2012, MoreBetter has been releasing videos one after the other and putting out some of the hottest club tracks from street to pop music that you would ever hear on iTunes and across the airwaves, under his Independent label “MBRC. Calushee Gang.” His growing “Calushee Gang” (It’s A Life Style) and Wes Point “Urban Media Management” movement seems to be hitting the industry by storm, building a name and a brand for himself with his smooth flow resembling some of the greats in the rap game.
MoreBetter keeps audiences on their feet, shutting down shows around town and leaving a distinctive paper trail to find him. His aggressive lyrics pack a mean punch that will give a jolt to the rap game that is so desperately needed. He is arguably one of the hardest commercial pop/hip-hop artist there is in the game, and he is determined to make it.

Getting to know MoreBetter more better!

Q What is the inspiration behind your stage name?
A Every time I did a track, friend keep saying “you just get more better and more better” so I changed my name from Yukon to MoreBetter
Q When did you start making music? What inspired you to do so?
A I started around 98-99 in Murry Bergtraum High School in the hall ways and lunch room. I was more or less inspired by my class mate and a few local rappers from my block.
Q What attracts you to hip-hop?
A My attraction to hip hop come from the ability to use word play to express yourself. The ability to say what other people scared to say and do what other people dream and are scared to do.
Q Who is your favorite artist and why?
A My favorite artists would be Slick Rick, Ma$e, and Special Ed. They had that laid-back-playa-I-do-it-for-the-ladies flow and their own style.
Q What is your favorite album?
A My favorite Album would be Ma$e’s Double Up.
Q What is your favorite song and why?
A Favorite song would be Ma$e’s “Lookin’ at Me.”
Q What kind of artist do you consider yourself?
A I would consider myself a very strong, well-rounded, commercial artist; able to hop into any lane of music.
Q How have you grown as an artist?
A I’ve grown a great deal from learning the game. Also, lyrically, I went from just rapping to making real song with a story and substance.
Q Do you have a technique or ritual before you create your music?
A I just cut the mic on and let the music gods and demand take over my flow. Whatever comes out, comes out on wax.
Q Where is your ideal place to perform?
A My ideal place to perform would be overseas worldwide grand venues.
Q If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be?
A I would work with every artist that would work with me. As long as we make hit music.
Q What do you think is most important, the beat or the lyrics, and why?
A The beat is very important because if your beat is wack, people will turn from the track even if the bars are crack. Remember, the beat grabs people before they even hear your words.
Q How do you place yourself within the larger world of hip-hop?
A I would place myself at the forefront ready to make my mark in this music business.
Q What do you think are some of the problems facing the hip hop industry and what solutions would you offer?
A The game lacks talent and versatility. I bring all of that to the table.