Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week – Burna

Artist of the Week – Burna


June 1st, 2016


Straight out of Queensbridge projects in Queens, NY where Hip hop has
birthed some of the biggest voices, legends and pioneers such as Run
DMC, NAS, Nicky Minaj and 50 Cent, a man who goes by the name Present
Burna is in position to create the most shocking news story you’ll
ever read about. A rapper who flows like no other and is easily
comparable to Jay-Z, Fabolous, J-Cole, and Kendrick Lamar.

However, one thing that sets him apart from those just mentioned is
the fact that Present Burna is in a wheelchair. Shot by an associate
when their relationship took a turn for the worst from street
activities, he was fortunate enough to live but what was almost a
fatal shot paralyzed him forever.

He went into a 2 year depression, had no interest in life and all
things he loved, Hip hop and basketball, ceased to exist in his mind.
His closest friend
Burna’s entire family, including Mario whom all were there since day
one, had given him the juice, the fire and the motivation to get back
in the game to do what he’s doing now in 2016.  To quote Mario’s
inspirational phrase, “Life took your legs, not your voice”. The saga

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