Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week – Epidemik

Artist of the Week – Epidemik


June 8th, 2016


epidemik1DJ Epidemik, The Young Innovator born in Brooklyn NY, home to some of the greatest rappers Notorious BIG, Jay – Z, Big Daddy Kane, and Fabolous which gave this DJ his inspiration.  He created an online radio station that allowed the listeners to see him break records before anyone was thinking about it.  He continued to kill the game by working with Tommy Hilfiger, DJ Clue, Lenny S, Jimmy Cozier, Ruff Ryders, Gyptian, Kat Deluna and more.  He has even interviewed Uncle Ralph, Lin Que a.k.a Isis from X Clan, and Rock Wilder.  Internationally known, breaking records worldwide in The UK, England, Canada, Bermuda, Jamaica, and more.   This allowed him to work with top40 artist Mariya, which exposed him to Russia.  The road didn’t stop there; his resume continues to bubble as he travels to different cities like Toronto Washington D.C., Baltimore and Cali and makes in store appearances in the financial District and Times Square, and DJ’n rooftop parties into New Year Nights.

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