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Artist of the Week – LearnZ

Artist of the Week – LearnZ


June 1st, 2016


Bio Facts: LearnZ (C.E.O/Founder/Owner of Learning Tree Ink, LLC. Born A Revolutionary a Rebel evolving into a Leader. When I was young I was more into Dancing than performing. When I got to Junior High school is when my transition begun. At 10 years old I was Drawing Art, at 12 I was writing poetry, Singing (Tenor) taking piano lessons and performing in school with no serious intensions of making music professionaly, although my Music teacher always told me I was good at it and handed me solo after solo. My decision to pursue Music more seriously came from a disliking of what I was hearing at the time; and believing in myself enough to know that I can do it better than most, If and when I put my mind to it. Good music to me always delivers a message. My goal was to master and elevate my craft as well as the people.I love all types of Music and I’m unbias with most.

I also have a band called “A Remarkable Struggle” who I tour with. I’m addicted to the TRUTH!!! History about my name- I was labeled a fast learner since birth, and quickly I learned that “Learnz”, a name given to me (alias) in the hardcore streets of the Bronx was something I would embodie the rest of my life. It’s no coincidence that all the letters are in my goverment name “LEonArdo meNdoZa” = LearnZ. it’s destiny. (Sidenote: I want to glorify my name so that it’s empowering and contagious in the bio. People hear me speak/ perform and leave learning something!) as it’s been told to me. Strength in the name! Influences: The Music buisness! William Cooper/JFK/George Carlin/Malcom x/The Goverment Artist I’ve been compared/associated with: 1. Nas 2. Immortal Technique 3. Public Enemy 4. Eminem 5. Big PUN I’ve performed and promoted in Detroit, NYC, Florida, Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic etc. I’ve shared stages with DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, Grand Master Caz Performances: 1. Apollo Theater 2. PR festival’s 3. Webster Hall 4. Bitter End 5. Sidewalk cafe 6. Hip Hop Culture Center 7. etc. ???? (You know more venues) I’ve done radio interviews on & offline. I’ve got a catalouge of music: 4 mixtapes, 2 EP’s and 1 solo album (Povertys son) while working on the 2nd album at the same time. (Mixtape titles) 1. Live from the Bronx (2005) 2. Out the shadows of the Bronx (2006) 3. Takin it Back (2007) 4. Learnz EP (2010) 5. One LearnZ (2011) 6. LearnZ Untitled EP (TBA) 7. Poverty’s Son (SUN) (2012) I was featured on “The Unsigned Hype” mixtape Hosted by D.J. Green Lantern, and the “Collective Alliance” Mixtape which is a collaboration of over 50 Artist including Myself “Kool G rap, Canibus, Raekwon & Planet Asia to name a few. I performed in a Rapathon where contestants rap for over 25 hours while rotating M.C’s. I’ve also Met artist like Tony Touch, Method Man, Imortal Technique, Rakim, Grand Master Caz, Iorn Soloma, Hell Rell, Triple Seis, Flavor Flav, SlaughterHouse, Kurrupt, Rass Kss etc. I’ve also Ghostwritten for artist as well. PS: The Bio should have a political touch to it too. I believe the Bio should end with independancy flourishing with what’s upcoming, more like a theatrical cliffhanger that keeps them wanting more! Ghostwritten for artist as well.

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