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Artist of the Week – Present Burna

Artist of the Week – Present Burna


July 19th, 2016


present-burna-1On June 27th, 2016 Hip Hop SeaZon celebrated their well anticipated 3 year Anniversary with SeaZon 22. This show was jam packed with fresh new talent. It also brought back returning Champ Robbie Maxx looking to capture his second title in a row. Group A was a close call battle between jersey’s Mason and new comer JayyWarr.

As good as JayyWarr single was Mason’s lyrical wordplay and Stage presence gave him the inch he needed to win the group. In Group B Rookie of the Year winner Present Burna lead the way. Even the returning champ Robbie Maxx couldn’t shine over Burna. Group C turned into a clean sweep for SeaZon 20 champ Sluggodadon. All 3 artist left on stage just so happen to also be the last 3 Open Mic winners. It’s funny because everyone expected it to be a battle between Robbie and Sluggo at the end. Instead the surprise threat came from the left in Present Burna as he became the New SeaZon 22 Champion.

Present Burna is a seasoned vet with a smash single called “Tan Purse”. Hailing from queens he doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to his performances although he’s on a wheel chair. He had the crowd turnt and took the show to new heights with the element of surprised. The moral of the story is to never let a disability of any sort prevent you from doing what you love. When your talented your light will shine over any darkness.

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