Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week –  Xavier White

Artist of the Week – Xavier White


June 15th, 2016


xavier-whiteXavier White is often known by his stage name, Iamx or X. He was raised in Albany, but has furthered his ventures from Albany to California. Switching high schools was not tough for X since he loved meeting new people. Raised by his single mother, in a household with his little sister, X always made time to get away and to write music. He even taught himself how to play both the guitar and the piano. After graduation, X ventured out from the small district of the 518 to the broader and bigger world of the United States and even to Europe. X has recently dropped his EP titled “Our Last Memories” with the help of his producer Lucas Hass and executive producer Angelksion. Grab your swimsuits and sunscreen, because a promising new urban rock/urban pop pioneer, who goes by the name of Xavier White, may have just hit your summer sweet spot. The young, multi-talented X is making his mark in music with the release of a new EP through Sony Records titled “Our Last Memories,” which dropped on July 3rd. Featuring five distinctive tracks, the EP is a showcase of Xaviers versatility and unique style. The singer-songwriter and musician combines elements of rock, pop, EDM and R&B with rich, sultry vocals.

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