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BORN MAVEN Hand Painted Hat Collection Takeover!‏

BORN MAVEN Hand Painted Hat Collection Takeover!‏


June 23rd, 2016



Mike Mais is the founder of Left Right Brand. A hat line established, in 2013. Born Maven is a collection from Left Right Brand. A maven is an expert or connoisseur. Mike believes we are all Born Mavens; we just have to find the maven in us. The Born Maven collection was created to motivate others to take what you love and be great at it. Several culture curators through out the media industry have supported Born Maven. The collection has appeared on many media outlets such as NBC, CNN, MTV, Rolling Stone and many others.

In March 2016, Left Right Brand launched the Born Maven hand painted collection. “I started using my art as my voice because like so many artists it is the best way to express our thoughts. Using a hat as a canvas and being able to use my platform to create my vision, to share with the world is such an honor. It makes me believe that the continued mixture of fashion and art will continue to prosper. All of my hand painted hats is created from my thoughts to help motivate and reassure others to continue to be the Maven that you were born to be.“ – Mike Mais

Be apart of the new tradition. Crown yourself.


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