Major Talent Showcase



Since not making it isn’t an option for you, how about we help you become very resourceful and successful along your journey. We’ll provide YOU: A stage to perform while showing you off as a complete package and a force to be reckoned with. Wes Point will help you form a marketing strategy that will be sure to galvanize and energize a new fan base. Wes Point is an active agent for all MAJOR TALENT SHOWCASE talents and we will help set up interviews on local radio shows and have you on paid Tri-State music tours. Wes Point’s film production crew will help you with your next music video using our Black Magic 4K camera and lighting equipment for FREE.

Also, having access to Major networks such as BET, BET Jams and REVOLT TV, makes it easy for us to submit your work with the chance of being seen and heard by a much bigger entity: “The world.”



AUDITIONS are now being held for MAJOR TALENT SHOWCASE in New York City…Please respond here for next audition date.

MAJOR TALENT SHOWCASE is in January, but audition starts now.


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