Stand By Me



Stand by Me web series is about a lesbian who jeopardizes a longtime friendship when she decides to seduce one of her heterosexual best friends.


Bio-westpoint-Stand-By-me-seriesWritten by Marie Moussignac, Stand by Me is a web series about a lesbian, Brianna who is torn between potentially jeopardizing a longtime friendship when she uses alcohol to seduce one of her heterosexual best friends, Hazel and trying to distinguish if her growing feelings for her friend are just lust or more. The story also follows the lives of Brianna’s two other best friends, Shayla and Angela. These four friends have watched each other grow and develop from early childhood to the young women they are today. While most of them are established in their own right, Shayla still has some growing up to do. Shayla comes from a background of money and can afford to take her time in the maturing process whereas, the other girls come from humbled beginnings where it’s either you swim or sink.


In this series, we learn to identify with certain characters. We get to see if Brianna’s drunken revelation turn out to be a colossal mistake, if and how Hazel comes to terms with possibly losing a best friend and gaining a lover and we also get to see if and how Shayla transforms and sympathize with Angela’s life changing ordeal.
Ruslana Sokolovskaya, Nicole Bonifacio, Kimberly Nunneley and Kathy Walczak.